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Brodie Wingert

Loan Officer | NMLS #2309111

Brodie Wingert has nearly a half-decade of industry experience, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management degree from Evangel University.

Specializing in traditional term loans, working capital, equipment needs and commercial real estate, Brodie and the OMB commercial banking team can help your business reach new heights.

Curious how a commercial lender can add value to your business? Dive into this article to find out.

Brodie Winger wearing a navy blue blazer over a light blue button up shirt

Our Business Loan Options

An Old Missouri Bank animation of a piece of paper with a dollar and a pen on top FINANCING

Term Business Loans

Get the money your company needs to take care of business.
An Old Missouri Bank animation of a small business building. Small Business

SBA Loans

We believe in small businesses just like the SBA. Find the support you need at OMB.
An Old Missouri Bank animation of a briefcase REAL ESTATE

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Simple and smart loans to help your business grow, purchase or refinance commercial property.
An Old Missouri Bank animation of a personal checking account check CAPITAL

Working Capital & Equipment Loans

Access capital through loans with a variety of terms and structures.
An Old Missouri Bank animation of a credit or debit card SPEND

Business Credit Cards

Keep your business humming with everyday purchasing through Mastercard®.
Brodie Wingert wearing a navy blue suit is standing in front of the entrance to a shop

Stay connected.

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Plan for Business

Our 40+ free financial calculators can help you finesse your budget, compare borrowing costs, forecast earnings and so much more.



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